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I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, travel experience, & useful tips I’ve learned from life on the trail.

Above all else, I value quality. Quality communication with people behind the brands, quality horses to pack my gear into the mountains, quality friends to enjoy the trail with, quality equine education, & quality services to offer those that desire to partner with me to help create --- quality content. 

Emma B. 

Owner of Mikko's Choice

"I started working with Taylor because I liked her photography and videography styles. I thought her skills would be helpful in creating content for my brand. To my surprise, she has also been extremely professional, communicative and actively engaged in the process--always wanting feedback and open to it. Those characteristics are crucial to having a successful working relationship and make the process enjoyable and fun. It makes me want to continue to work with her and support her, while also receiving awesome content for the business."

Michelle H.

Owner of sale horse

Taylor has a unique ability to work with all levels of horse people. She is patient with beginners and is able to break down concepts based on the individual person's needs while being able to really level up a more immediate person needing communication help with their horse. This industry is saturated with strong opinions and Taylor does a great job of creating an inclusive environment where you do not feel judged. She helped me on the purchase of my mare and went above and beyond what was required in that purchase. She was not just trying to make a quick sale, rather she was focused on making the right sale and ensuring we were set up for success. I have had the privilege to continue working with Taylor via virtual lessons. It is great to have her on my team and have her help build my horsemanship skills and confidence.


I am a firm believer that a good trainer can make the world of difference. I know that I can trust and rely on the advice that Taylor offers for every aspect of being a new horse owner. Her patience and ability to effectively communicate makes the sessions so impactful. I would recommend Taylor 10 out of 10 times for anyone looking to improve their confidence, education, and all round horsemanship skills

Chase J. 

Mother of Daughters in Riding Lessons

"My two girls have been taking lessons from Tay for just over a year now. They are both obsessed with Tay and horseback riding. From the moment you meet Tay, you can tell she has a passion for horses and teaching. I feel like my girls are actually learning a life long lesson in riding, as Tay teaches them EVERYTHING about riding…from saddling and bridling, proper rein holding and controlling, etc). We couldn’t be more pleased!”

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