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Traveling w/Horses in Tow

In 2022, I embarked on my first solo trips crossing state lines with my horses, my pup, & a dream. I had quit my mind-numbing 9-5, packed up my camera, and set out to see what the open road had to offer.

On my first camping trip with my horses, I really "over-prepared" in many ways. My car & horse trailer were packed to the brim with items I thought I might need. I had researched the campsite & trails appropriately and was ready for my relaxing weekend in the woods.

Little did I know that when we reached our campsite (an hour or so from home), the water at the campground was out of order. After a mild 10 minute panic, a neighboring fellow horse-camper offered us use of her collapsible hose & gave us directions to a local building with a hose connector. Luckily the weekend was saved and we were able to fill our buckets up for the horses. (Thanks Nancy!)

Traveling with horses is no easy feat. There are a million-and-one things to consider before loading up & heading out. This list isn't an exhaustive one, but hopefully it'll help any fellow dreamers out there that just want to see the country from between their horses ears.

Here are some good questions to ask when you find yourself starting the planning process:

  • Where will I stay overnight on the road with my horses?

  • Does my overnight campsite/motel/etc. have access to water?

  • Does my overnight site have an area to cook food? Or do I need to bring other means for cooking?

  • Does my horse travel well? How can I help my horse travel better?

  • Does the area I'm headed require certified weed-free hay?

  • Do I have (or need) travel insurance for where I'm headed? Does my insurance cover roadside assistance with animals in tow?

  • Are there good local vets on the way or in my destination?

  • Do I have my travel vet kit well stocked?

  • If I'm crossing state lines, what is the proper documentation that I need for my horses? (coggins, health certificate, registration papers. etc.)?

  • What is the weather like along the journey & at my destination? Do I have what I need if it rains or snows?

  • Do I have the proper maps to navigate the area if I lose service?

  • Do I have tools that I may need along the way? (never know when you'll need a knife. screwdriver, or even an axe!)

My biggest word of advice when starting a trip with horses is to be adequately prepared for anything & everything. You never know when issues will arise in any journey, and when traveling with horses, the probability of issues arising is more likely than not.

If interested in my packing lists, campfire stories, or looking for good horsemanship techniques? Check out my socials, youtube, & additional blog posts!



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