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About Tay


The Woman behind the Camera

Growing up living in and moving from multiple states, I am no stranger to life on the road. I grew up taking photos of anything & everything that caught my eye (mainly horses!). In 2019, I picked up my father's old Canon, started packing it in my saddle bags, & began capturing life on the trail from horseback. I am now merging my passions & building my career within the western industry as a lifestyle, landscape, & brand photographer.

I have organically built my social media following to 46,000 on Instagram and recently started investing my time into Tik Tok and Youtube. I prefer to work with small businesses but have & will continue to work with some of the biggest brands in the Western Industry.​

I prioritize getting the job done as efficiently & effectively as possible, always delivering unique and customized content to the companies I partner with, and keeping my clients engaged in the creative process. In addition, my focus for any partnership is to create content that will stand out, to help my audience find quality products, to educate regarding traveling with horses, & to maintain lasting relationships with brands and viewers alike.

In addition to brand photography, I offer equine portrait sessions, event photography, social media exposure, horse training, & horseback riding lessons.

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